We all know the importance of shopping local.  The money we pay for goods and services to our local businesses rather than franchises, or “box stores,” has a direct impact on our local economies, providing jobs and opportunities for our friends and neighbors.

office cleaning orlandoThis is also true when it comes to office cleaning services in Orlando. Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated, “mom & pop” business that has expanded to include offices in Orlando, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. It is large enough to handle multiple jobs, no matter the size, but small enough to offer customized service options to suit you and the needs of your business.

Accountability is another reason to hire a locally-owned office cleaning service. Employees of franchises are not always trained by the parent company, turnover is higher, and practices and procedures may vary from franchise to franchise. When you hire a privately-owned cleaning service like Millennium, all employees are uniformly trained and participate in continuing education with the newest green cleaning products,  as well as with the latest innovations in janitorial equipment and supplies.

By using the best products and equipment to overcome the challenges presented by the extreme climatic conditions of heat and humidity here in the Sunshine State, Millennium captures the advantage and passes their decades of experience along to their clients.

To gain an advantage for your business, hire a highly-reputable, local office cleaning service: Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services. Call today for your free estimate and quote, 877-925-3565.