Regular office cleanings are an essential way to keep your office looking professional, but it’s difficult to decide how often you should schedule one. It really does depend on a lot of factors, but the most important one is how dirty your office gets. A clean workplace not only makes employees happy but also provides a safe and healthy environment to visitors of all kinds. When it comes to keeping your office clean, you need a professional who knows what they’re doing. That’s why an expert commercial cleaning company will evaluate the needs of any facility and budget before developing an appropriate schedule for maintaining optimal performance at all times.

What areas of the office need professional cleaning?

A general cleaner may be sufficient for simple tasks like wiping down the coffee maker or tidying up individual desk areas. However, high-traffic areas that require specific cleaning solutions and methods like bathrooms should always be left to professionals such as those at Millennium Commercial Cleaning.

So how often do you need cleaning?

First, you need to identify the areas that receive heavy use. These are typically public spaces where employees work and visitors congregate such as lobbies or reception areas for example, so it’s important they are cleaned daily in order to maintain hygiene standards, among other things because of how busy these places tend to be on any given day. We recommend servicing them at least three times a week. 

The daily tasks of an office are only the beginning. To keep things clean and sanitary, there’s also constant job maintenance to be done like window washing or dusting for example–though these might happen more often than you think, here’s a suggestion:

  • Window washing can be done weekly or biweekly, depending upon frequency needed.
  • Vacuuming floors can be done monthly.
  • Floor polishing which might occur, can be done quarterly at most places.

Commercial cleaning services provide, for daily tasks, such as cleaning desks or chairs with detergents while also providing additional types of sanitization, necessary in most offices..

You may not be able to see the dirt, but it’s there. The longer you wait between commercial cleanings, the more bacteria and germs will accumulate on your floors and surfaces. It might seem like a hassle or an inconvenience to get someone in for a deep cleaning every month or two, but that is what helps keep your space healthy.

The simple answer to the question, “how often should you commercial clean your office?” is that it varies. It really depends on how many people are in and out of your space daily, as well as what they’re doing there. If you have a high-traffic area with lots of people coming through every day, then doing this more than once per month would be advisable. But if nobody comes into your workspace for weeks at a time, maybe only once or twice per year will suffice! With so much variety out there when it comes to cleaning frequencies, talk to an expert at Millenium CCS today about finding the perfect balance for YOUR business needs.