Summertime Cleaning

Living in Florida where it always seems like summertime, we know that these next few months are just a little warmer than the others. While we all want to hit the beach or relax by the pool, this is a great time to take advantage of the slower work environment for your employees and let our company handle your summertime cleaning services. While your office traffic is low, this is a great time to do some much needed stripping and waxing of your floors or carpet cleaning. With all the recent rains, this would be a perfect time to wash the outside windows of your office.  Allergies acting up around the office? Summer is a great time for a deep cleaning where all flat surfaces are thoroughly wiped down, a more detailed cleaning than normal. This is also a great time to power wash the exterior of your building to get rid of the springtime pollen. Your sidewalks and other outside walk ways might be showing the remnants of all the recent rain as well.  Power washing would help make your business more inviting. Summertime in Tampa is full of fun things to do – let Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc.  handle the office cleaning for you while you relax a little! Contact us at 877-925-3565 for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Emergency Storm Services

This week we found ourselves as a company in the same shoes as some of our customers do. We were in need of commercial cleaning services in Tampa. Due to the recent tropical storm to pass through our area, we came into our office the following day to find that the sandbags had not helped to keep the water out. While we are luckier than some, all I needed to do was to call one of our trained crews that specialize in this and they arrived at the office a short time later – equipment in hand – to extract the water from floors and carpets. This was followed by expert carpet cleaning – using the proper enzymes to help eliminate the odor left by the water. When I say we are luckier than some that really isn’t true. Anyone can pick up the phone in this situation – whether you are a present customer of Millennium Commercial Cleaning or someone who has never used our services before – and we will provide the same level of expert service to fix your problem. Of course we would love to speak to you about all of your janitorial needs – whether emergency or long term – and you can reach us at 877-925-3565 for a free estimate.  

Construction Clean-Up is a Dirty Job, but Millennium Can Do It!

New construction of office buildings, and the remodeling or expansion of existing structures can be an exciting experience for all involved. Watching someone’s vision come to fruition as the result of a lot of hard work is reward in and of itself. However, it all comes at a dirty price. Construction workers are not known to clean up after themselves when the job is done. That’s where Millennium Commercial & Construction Cleaning Services takes the hassle out of construction cleaning in Orlando, by doing the dirty work for you! Sand, dirt, drywall dust, sawdust, paint spatters, fingerprints, left-over construction materials, you name it, they are all remnants post-construction. If you have not budgeted for this specialized clean-up, you will be left to tackle the entire mess yourself, which is quite an undertaking! If you’re not attuned to the most effective ways to green clean every carpet, nook and cranny, you are likely to burn all your elbow grease before even scratching the surface, so to speak. Furthermore, the existence of allergens, dust and dirt can wreak havoc in any workplace, especially for those individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions. Construction will stir these up, circulating them through the air, leaving them to settle on furniture, in carpets, air ducts and vents. The professionals at Millennium can handle all construction cleaning needs: On-site rough cleaning, touch-up cleaning, or a superior final cleaning in preparation of new tenants, or the return of existing ones. The pros know what to do and how to do it in a manner that is thorough and safe for the environment. No matter what your post-construction needs, the Millennium experts are ready at your service to eliminate any traces of construction activity, shining a positive reflection on you!  Call MCCS today for your […]

Create a Lasting Impression for Guests and Tenants

Many young, ambitious college graduates across Florida envision themselves going to work each day in a gorgeous office space with a spectacular view from a grand office building. Even if that’s not exactly the vision or reality, the majority of business people certainly prefer to work each day in a clean, comfortable environment. To be greeted by a smiling face, spotless floors, immaculate carpeting, and comfortable furniture, with crystal clear views to attractive landscaping, is a soothing way to begin each work day, especially following a stressful commute. When a tenant, prospective tenant, or guest visits your office, their first impression should be a direct reflection of you and your business. After all, a simple building like all the other buildings on the block may not necessarily be inviting from the outside, but if the lobby is warm, welcoming, and pristine, clients will continue to return, and tenants will enjoy coming to work day after day increasing retention. That’s where Millennium Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services can help! This proficient team of green cleaning experts knows all the ins and outs of commercial cleaning services in Orlando, to create a positive first impression for each and every tenant and visitor each and every time! The seasoned, professional cleaning crews from Millennium take pride in providing their clients with whatever services are necessary to complete their office cleaning checklist from top to bottom and all points in between. This includes – but is far from limited to – dusting vents and ceiling fans, shining windows and skylights, stripping and buffing floors, deep cleaning carpets, and so much more! You name it, and the pros at Millennium can successfully accomplish it with environmentally safe products, for the best reflection of you! Provide a stylish, clean, aesthetically-pleasing environment, and tenants and clients will […]

Save School Carpeting from Wear & Tear with Deep Cleaning

Have you ever seen a child gleefully jumping into puddles after a rain shower or running with friends on the playground during recess? Of course you have. Little feet explore lots of territory on a daily basis, and in so doing, they unknowingly track lots of dirt and sand indoors and onto carpets and floors. Now that the school year is coming to an end, it is the perfect time to hire a reputable commercial cleaning service in Orlando to expertly deep clean carpets in area schools during the summer break. Millennium Commercial Cleaning Service has the knowledge and experience to return carpets to like-new condition, extending the life of this important flooring investment. Thanks to gravity and repeated contact with shoes, miniscule particles of sand, dirt, dust, and pollen settle in carpet, destroying the protective coverings of carpet fibers. Proper vacuuming is a great way to remove the majority of sand, dirt and debris. However, a more intense carpet cleaning is warranted when repeated wear and tear becomes more visible and less aesthetically-pleasing. The Environmental Protection Agency and most carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming daily for best results in eliminating dead skin cells, dust mites, industrial contaminants, pet dander and other environmental pollutants. School custodians are regimented to vacuum on a regular basis, but that may not be enough to save carpets in high-traffic areas such as schools.  Chances are, most school budgets are geared more toward academics and less toward carpet replacement. Before irreparable damage is done to expensive classroom carpeting, call the professionals at Millennium to expertly deep clean your school’s carpet before the kiddos return from summer vacation: 877-925-3565.

Floor Stripping Inspires Students and Teachers to put Their Best Foot Forward

Students will soon be anxiously exiting schools for summer vacation, and the floors will certainly exhibit the wear and tear of a busy academic year. Once the kiddos are on break, it is a great time to strip, wax and buff the flooring to retrieve its shining luster! Over time, wax builds-up on vinyl tile and linoleum resulting in a dull, lifeless appearance, with yellowing and other discolorations marring its original beauty. Combine that with heavy traffic of children, faculty and staff shuffling between classes and lockers, and campus floors can take a real beating. To resolve this ugly problem, administrators at schools across Florida hire the commercial  floor-stripping experts at Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services. Millennium uses green cleaning products to protect students, faculty, staff members, and the environment, to safely remove wax build-up that has occurred over months, or even years. The process includes a number of labor-intensive steps to achieve the desired result. A commercial-strength, green stripping agent is applied in sections of the floor liberally to begin wax removal. Once the floor is covered, scrubbed and rinsed clean, it is dried completely before a new coat of wax is applied. A final buffing will enhance the shine, and voila! School floors are once again beautiful and ready for the hustle and bustle of a new school year, and students and teachers are met with a glowing first impression to inspire them to put their best foot forward! Maintain the beauty, life, and integrity of school flooring by hiring the specialists at Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services. Call today for your free estimate and quote: 877-925-3565.

Shop Local not Franchise for Office Cleaning Services

We all know the importance of shopping local.  The money we pay for goods and services to our local businesses rather than franchises, or “box stores,” has a direct impact on our local economies, providing jobs and opportunities for our friends and neighbors. This is also true when it comes to office cleaning services in Orlando. Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated, “mom & pop” business that has expanded to include offices in Orlando, Miami, and Ft Lauderdale. It is large enough to handle multiple jobs, no matter the size, but small enough to offer customized service options to suit you and the needs of your business. Accountability is another reason to hire a locally-owned office cleaning service. Employees of franchises are not always trained by the parent company, turnover is higher, and practices and procedures may vary from franchise to franchise. When you hire a privately-owned cleaning service like Millennium, all employees are uniformly trained and participate in continuing education with the newest green cleaning products,  as well as with the latest innovations in janitorial equipment and supplies. By using the best products and equipment to overcome the challenges presented by the extreme climatic conditions of heat and humidity here in the Sunshine State, Millennium captures the advantage and passes their decades of experience along to their clients. To gain an advantage for your business, hire a highly-reputable, local office cleaning service: Millennium Commercial Cleaning Services. Call today for your free estimate and quote, 877-925-3565.